PAX VOBISCUM (Peace Be With You) and Coloring Page

(The peach blossoms in our yard.)
I'm posting this a few days early because I am discovering that there are folks who are searching for Easter coloring pages already.  That's okay. Probably many are making plans for Sunday and the Google "image BOT" takes its time in finding images on the internet.  In the meantime may you find blessings on this Good Friday.

God seems to have a funny sense of humor as He directs my life.  I have put upon myself too much at this time.  Due to a lot of dilly-dallying with other things,  I had put off to the last moments, the making of a dress for Easter.  I have also had in my mind for a really long time, a Pascal Lamb Coloring Page; as well as several other coloring pages. 

Recently I made the above greeting card for a friend.  I took an old, commercially made greeting card and put a layer of gesso on it.  Then I drew a Pascal Lamb on the card and painted it with watercolors.  You can kind of see the Alleluia and the cross showing through the gesso.  I learned how to do this in the more recent Carla Sonheim "Faces 101" drawing class .  I liked the drawing and thought it would make a nice coloring page.   Time however, has been ticking away.  I fretted a bit as to how I was going to make a dress (a very complicated lavender chiffon dress from a Vogue pattern) and make a coloring page for Easter in only three days.  No problem.  I found myself wide awake at 1 a.m. on Good Friday morning!  It occurred to me that I should get out of bed and make this coloring page for Jesus.  And so as I listened to a computerized voice on a YouTube video read the Saint Bridget Prophesies and Revelations (, I drew my coloring page and determined that I was woefully lazy in certain areas of my spiritual life!   LOL!  So anyway, here's a little   PAX VOBISCUM (Peace Be With You) Pascal Lamb Coloring Page for some Easter coloring fun.

Click HERE to print it out.
You might also enjoy last year's Easter coloring page of the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God/Eucharist).
Just click HERE to print it out.

Happy Easter my friends!
  May the Risen Christ bring Peace into your lives.


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