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Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart coloring page)

The other day when I was pondering what kind of coloring page I would make for Valentine's Day, the French words, Sarcre-Coeur immediately came into my mind.  Sometimes I think in least about a few things...not many things mind you.  After four semesters of French in college, I don't remember much.  It is so true that if one does not practice a thing, it may just go away. But the French words for Sacred Heart do not ever leave me and recently I have been exchanging emails with a woman who speaks and writes in French and so the French language has been in my thoughts. I cannot help but consider how the Wound in the Sacred Heart of Jesus heals the wounds of the world....that is, if we would only give Him a chance.  The Sacred Heart never inflicts Himself on us.  He waits patiently and allows us to come to Him of our free will. You can print the Sacre-Coeur coloring page by clicking HERE May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be ever present in your heart today on Valentine…